Mindfull Aus is built from Lived Expertise, combining many different backgrounds and demographics we offer a workshop that has helped many understand the simple and basic techniques and strategies in living well on a holistic approach. From gratitude and compassion to acknowledging the basics of medication and the need for sleep. Over the years we have had an influx of young people come to us experiencing behavioural challenges and battling the dark and dangerous thoughts of Depression & Anxiety with no understanding of how to either manage it or overcome it.. This workshop outlines the basic fundamentals to stay well and details the importance of discipline, our workshops are not only for those struggling with challenges, but give people a greater acceptance for their own wellbeing, with simple practices to walk away with.

This workshop is tailored to suit the given audience and can include an educational session on the basics of Diagnosable Mental Illness's & what we should all be looking out for in a loved one. Mindfull Aus puts a massive emphasis on connection, therefore all of our workshops and programs are facilitated by lived experience speakers and chosen accordingly with the age, gender and background of the audience on the given day. Our "Road to Wellness" workshop is a realistic and achievable way of getting back on the path to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life that we all deserve.


AGL Loy Yang, Traralgon:
CEO Matt Runnalls delivers the "Road to Wellness' Workshop in 2017.

It was very confronting to hear Matt Runnalls’s story about his struggles with Mental Illness. His honesty was brutal at times as he explained the depths he had reached with his illness. He gave some advice to help those who might be suffering to reach out and seek help and also took the time to highlight the warning signs that we should all be looking out for if we are worried about somebody we know. The way he is managing his illness to continue to lead a productive life is so inspiring and I know the work Mindfull Aus are doing will continue to save lives.
— Shaun Holloway (Lake Wendouree FC)